Fall of Sky

The Wyld: Book Two

The fate of the Wyld lies in the hands of the prince who yearns to see it destroyed… unless Alex can change his heart in time.

When demons start coming through a rift in the sky, Alex must do everything in her power to protect her Realm.  But her power alone is not enough.  She needs Jess’s help.  It could take the course of centuries to convince him to join her, but time is not on her side.

Her hellpups will do anything to help her, even as they face their own struggles through a churning mix of emotions brought on by her reincarnation and Jess’s presence at the Hold.  The truth is, they will do too much.  They’ll risk themselves long before they’ll allow any harm to come to her.  They will lay down their very lives.

And if Alex loses them… the Wyld… the Realms… none of it will mean anything to her.

Fall of Sky is the second book in The Wyld.  It is a reverse harem steamy, slow-burn fantasy romance.