All That’s Lost

The Wyld: Book Three

One of Alex’s warriors is missing.  One is a shell of his former self.  A killer is stalking the Hold.  The Realms are in danger.  And Alex is determined to set things right, no matter the cost.

Sealing the Realms would be a simple task, if only Alex’s hellpups were all with her.  Instead, she must rule the Wyld while Silver and Ice attempt to track down Sky.  But Alex is grateful for the time alone with Sage, time in which she seeks to uncover the mystery of his wounds.

When the situation in the Realms grows desperate, Alex knows she must find another way to protect her people.  The answer is dangerous, a perilous task that no one would ask of her.  Alex is not waiting around to tell them about her plan.  With the possibility that her solution might also heal Sage, she is absolutely willing to walk into hell itself…