A Date with Chaos

The Wyld: Book Four

One empress. Four hellpups. A quest into the mysteries that lie hidden on pale earth.

With the vague threat of more demon invasions lingering over the Realms, Alex and her hellpups must find a permanent solution. Alex is convinced that the answers are tied to the very essence of what they are. Clearly their combined magic is a force so potent that it must be the key to protecting the Realms.

Sky has been searching pale earth for the stray demons that have been wreaking quiet havoc since the last invasion. Pale earth shields their magic, making them difficult to locate. When the others join him on pale earth, it only makes sense to postpone his search in favor of Alex’s quest.

As they begin their adventure, none of them realize how deep the answers will reach. The Realms are about to be changed forever.

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